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Wudu Socks
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Wudu Socks

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WuduGear's Waterproof Wudu Socks are an essential addition to every Muslim's wardrobe. They are subtle, comfortable, and convenient. The unique UltraThin technology allows for a 100% waterproof layer, while still maintaining a thin, moisture-wicking and breathable material. The socks are durable enough to walk long distances without any holes or tears, yet versatile enough tot wear inside both boots and regular footwear. They serve as a more attractive, comfortable, and scholar-approved alternative to the conventional leather socks (khuffayn), allowing Muslims an easy solution for their ablution needs both at home and on-the-go.


  • Outer shell: 98% abrasion resistant nylon, 2% elastane.
  • Interlining: Porelle waterproof breathable membrane.
  • Inner sock: 60% bamboo, 40% nylon.


  • Light weight, comfortable, and professional look for the workplace
  • Completely waterproof and highly breathable membrane interlining
  • Close fitting and covering over the ankle length.
  • Fits into a pair of normal shoes, outperforming standard leather prayer socks (khuffayn)
  • Durable, lasts miles of walking without wearing out or deteriorating
  • Physically tested and approved by Muslim scholars
  • The rules for Masah on leather socks and our shariah compliant socks remain the same.