The Paradox of Change
The Paradox of Change
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The Paradox of Change

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Islam is the world’s largest religion after Christianity. The total population of Muslims globally well exceeds 1.57 billion which makes up approximately 25% of the world population and is also the fastest growing religion in the West to date.

The power of Islam to create revolutionary change in any social milieu is so astronomical that it inexorably impacts the core dynamic of that society and disrupts the normalcy of those residing in it. Change is an inevitable part of life irrespective of our fervent attempts to create grounds, otherwise known as “comfort zone,” wherein change doesn’t exist or will have little to no impact. These comfort zones impede the process of spiritual growth and development necessary to cultivate and produce righteous god-fearing slaves of Allah who understand their primary purpose in life which is to worship Him alone.

This book is about overcoming the obstacles faced by the new female converts to Islam. The lessons and learning in this book is extracted from the biography of the illustrious Rumaysah bint Milhan (radi’Allahu anha), the mother of Anas bin Malik (radi’Allahu anhu), both Companions of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam).


168 Pages

Author: Shadeed Muhammad

Publisher: Rawdah Publishing