The Year of Return Arag
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The Year of Return Arag

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The inspiration behind this A-rag was driven by The Year of The Return in Ghana 2019, which marked 400 years of African resilience against the atrocities of enslavement. The global African family reunited with their brothers and sisters in the motherland on a historical and spiritual journey.

As the dedicated Pan-Africanist Kwame Nkrumah said, "I’m not an African because I was born in Africa, but, I’m an African because Africa was born in me."

Your purchase will help fund a Ghanaian child's education in an impoverished neighborhood for an entire year! Help sponsor a child's education and celebrate African resilience and unity with this Year of Return A-rag!


-Premium velvet fabric

-Customized Keffiyeh design interlaced with a Kente-cloth pattern

-Hand-sewn A-rag trim with tassel 

-Very comfortable, wrinkle-free, and user-friendly material 

-One size fits all