My 1st Prayer Mat
My 1st Prayer Mat
My 1st Prayer Mat

My 1st Prayer Mat

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Your children can now Learn, Play & Pray with My 1st Prayer! The perfect gift for every child! So simple and easy to follow, children can learn how to make wudu, pray and keep track of their prayers in a fun and engaging way! My 1st Prayer consists of:

  • Interactive Prayer Mat - Step by step guide to prayer, & use the app for the BONUS interactive mode
  • Personal Learn to Pray Book - A truly personalized experience, taking each child on their own journey
  • Augmented Reality App - Bring learning to life! Using the power of AR to interact & teach
Learn with the AR effect!
Our augmented reality (AR) feature gives children an immersive new way to learn! With the simple point and shoot feature, children will bring characters Amina & Zain to life, teaching them what they need to know about wudu & salat.

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