Organic Black Seed Oil & Elderberry Gummies
Organic Black Seed Oil & Elderberry Gummies
Organic Black Seed Oil & Elderberry Gummies

Organic Black Seed Oil & Elderberry Gummies

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90 Vegetarian gummies

Gourmet natural berry flavor

Vitamin D and Zinc

Gluten free

Made with BTQ2™,organic cold pressed Ethiopian and *Turkish black seed oil

*Organic Elderberry fruit extract

Thymoquinone +3.3 (naturally occurring)

4-IN-1 SUPER FORMULA: Upgrade your immune system support with clinically tested ingredients combined in the world’s first blend of cold-pressed organic black seed oil, certified organic elderberry fruit extract, zinc, and vitamin D for optimum whole-body health. These key ingredients have been clinically proven to support joint, cardiovascular respiratory systems and cognition. Containing  antioxidants, essential fatty acids 3, 6 & 9, and vitamin C. 


MOST POTENT: Our proprietary industry game changer is BTQ2™ black seed oil. BTQ2™ blends premium cold-pressed organically grown seeds and oil from Ethiopia and Turkey – the most potent Nigella sativa oil varieties in the world, thus having  a powerful 3.3% thymoquinone! Our BTQ2™ oil is tested for potency and purity by an independent 3rd party laboratory in the USA. Ohh.. uses amber colored bottles to maintain the quality and freshness of the ingredients.


COLD-PRESSED: Our cold-pressed method and amber bottle safeguards the powerful nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants inside our black cumin seed oil dummies, so every bite is bursting with premium health benefits! Ohh.. BTQ2 Black cumin seed oil is 100% pure. BTQ2™ contains a high amount of Thymoquinone-over 3.3%. Our gummies are plant based and gluten free.


ORGANIC AND PURE: Take these organic black seed oil and elderberry gummies with total peace of mind. Every elderberry is packed with vitamin C, anti-oxidants and certified organically grown, handpicked from the finest European farms.


GOURMET DELICIOUS TASTE: Cold-pressed Ethiopian and Turkish black seed oils are strong and therefore notoriously bitter, but with the assistance of an expert food flavorist, we’ve eliminated the harsh and bitter taste! Our mixed berry flavor is a totally natural and sophisticated gourmet blend to compliment and make palatable the taste. Each Ohh.. G gummy is also naturally sweetened with just a touch of organic tapioca syrup and raw sugar. We want to make taking black seed oil an easy,  enjoyable  and convenient part of your total health and wellness regime. We bet you never thought you could say the words black seed oil and delicious in the same sentence. Now you can!