Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
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Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

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The Salt scrub - Pink Himalayan salt sourced from the Pakistani Himalayan Mountains has anti-inflammatory properties that heal and soothe skin by calming irritations and breakouts. It also helps retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin. Pink Himalayan Salt helps shed flaky skin and increase circulation. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron which nourish the skin mixed with our Organic Virgin  Coconut Oil it’s the combo of smooth, silky skin and a healthy glow! Organic virgin coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce healing time for existing stretch marks. Its ability to hydrate skin deeply may also help reduce the itching associated with stretch marks. Other booty kickin ingredients 

  • Castor oil makes an excellent scrub because of its anti-fungal properties. It is especially great for your feet
  • Coconut oil holds impressive moisturizing properties, which is why it makes your skin smoother after exfoliating dead cells.
  • Shea butter has skin-nourishing properties, and it helps specifically with removing blackheads and ingrown hair from your body

Combining these ingredients with Pink Himalayan salt makes the perfect scrub that you can make part of your routine.