The Revolution of Love
The Revolution of Love
Rawdah Publishing

The Revolution of Love

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A man’s perspective in loving more than one woman. For generations, man has tried earnestly to manipulate nature for his own self-interests, only to find himself overwhelmed by its unyielding energy. Love is a force of nature that is far too dense to be explained through the limitation of words, nor can it be compartmentalized by the social/cultural interpretations used to define it. The Revolution of Love expounds on the power of this emotion and its propensity to transcend human barriers; as love exceeds concern for life itself.

Polygyny is a marital construct that many find puzzling in a post-modern world where even the intimacy of relationships has been delineated by the red tape of political correctness instead of divine order. Men and women in polygyny allow the power of love to navigate the terrain for them, despite the many obstacles designed to thwart their experience. Their non-traditional relationship challenges the very logic used to confine love within the parameters of the status quo and aligns itself with the divine order of love outlined by Allah (God).

This book was written to give the reader a more in-depth look at the intricacies of life in polygyny from a man’s perspective. Men and women in plural marriages require a deeper and more profound understanding of themselves and the plethora of emotions they will experience during this journey. This book will also serve as a manual to help couples navigate the many challenges associated with this institution of marriage, as demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad , and to challenge the many stereotypes and cultural taboos that complicate its practice in contemporary times.


220 Pages

Author: Shadeed Muhammad

Publisher: Rawdah Publishing

Published: May 22, 2017